ER Near Me

Emergency Room located in Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX

Mothers-to-be can rely on the expertise of the medical team at ER Near Me, with offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, for their early pregnancy complications, like morning sickness, and even for emergency deliveries. The medical staff, led by Ahama Hailey, MD, ensure the health and safety of you and your baby is the top priority. The team also provides women’s health exams and routine wellness care before and after pregnancy. Find out more about the available OB/GYN services today by calling the office.


What OB/GYN services are available?

The medical team at ER Near Me offer a variety of on-site, early pregnancy care for mother-to-be up to 24 weeks. They are especially focused on providing emergency care services for common pregnancy complications, including:

  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Migraines
  • Back pain
  • Excessive bleeding

The staff also provide routine women’s health services, including wellness exams, Pap smears, and breast exams, catering to the unique needs of women.

What OB/GYN services are available for pregnancy complications?

If migraines or back pain are affecting your health, the staff can perform a physical exam. They may request additional testing to rule out underlying health issues outside of your pregnancy that may trigger headache pain.

If you experience unexplained bleeding or unusual cramping, the staff can use on-site technology, such as an ultrasound, to examine your reproductive structures. An ultrasound can also ensure your baby is healthy and developing on track.

When should I seek treatment for bleeding during pregnancy?

Light bleeding or spotting is common in early pregnancy. Typically, bleeding is much lighter than your period and the color may range from light pink to a dark brown.

In many cases, light bleeding isn’t a cause for concern in early pregnancy. However, if you experience a heavy flow of blood that soaks through your clothing, it’s important that you seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible. You should also schedule an evaluation if you have bleeding during your second or third trimester just to confirm everything is healthy in your pregnancy.

Are labor and delivery services available?

The experienced medical team is fully trained to handle emergency labor and delivery situations. If you’re unable to get to the hospital in time, both ER Near Me clinics are equipped for childbirth.

You can expect to receive comprehensive care during and after the birth. The delivery suites are comfortable and accommodating, designed to help you relax and focus on your health and the health of your baby.

Find out more about the available OB/GYN services at ER Near Me by calling the office nearest you today.