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Emergency Room located in Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX

When you or your family isn’t feeling well, you can rely on the 24/7 diagnostic and treatment services available at the Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, locations of ER Near Me. The friendly staff offers comprehensive concierge care in a comfortable environment for a variety of illnesses, including the flu, colds, sore throats, and rash. Visit our Emergency Room at any time you have questions or concerns about issues that are happening to you or your family.

General Conditions Q & A

What general health conditions can be treated?

The staff at ER Near Me offers comprehensive services for common conditions that make you feel sick and unable to enjoy your normal routine. You can receive on-site diagnostic testing and treatment for conditions like:

  • Flu
  • Cold
  • Skin rash
  • Nausea
  • Sore throat

The medical team works hard to ensure you receive an evaluation within 10 minutes of your arrival, so you can start feeling better as soon as possible.

What diagnostic tests are available on-site for general conditions?

Both locations of ER Near Me are fully equipped with a variety of diagnostic testing options to help your physician understand the nature of your condition. These testing options include:

  • Chest X-rays
  • Strep testing
  • Bloodwork

During your visit, you can expect a full physical evaluation of your health. The compassionate staff listens carefully to your symptoms to determine what type of testing is necessary.

What treatment options are available for colds and flu?

In many cases, plenty of rest and fluids will help you recover from a cold or the flu. Your ER Near Me physician may also recommend over-the-counter or prescription medications to address common symptoms, like runny or stuffy nose and fever.

If you have a severe sore throat, your ER Near Me physician may suggest running a strep test to rule out strep throat. This condition is highly contagious and causes pain in the throat and the development of white and red patches at the back of the throat. Antibiotics can be useful in clearing the infection and helping you feel better in a few days.

For rashes, your ER Near Me physician may prescribe over-the-counter or topical medications to calm the itching or pain. If your rash causes an infection, you may need to take oral antibiotics to clear it.

What are the benefits of emergency care for illnesses?

By seeking immediate treatment at ER Near Me, you can reduce your risk for spreading colds, flu, and other contagious conditions to your family. As soon as your symptoms start, you can come in for an evaluation and start treatment quickly.

Fast treatment can also help reduce the severity of your symptoms, especially if you develop a severe cold or the flu. Your ER Near Me physician ensures you have the proper treatment plan to help you feel better quickly and limit missed days from school or work.

Additionally, because the staff is available 24/7, you have the convenience of comprehensive care when you need it most to prevent a worsening of your symptoms. They offer concierge-style services, ensuring someone is available to help when you need it most.